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Welcome to the'Open international internet bodybulding competition'
for junior and teenagers !!!


Young bodybuilders from the different parts of world can compete at our site. This site contains data-base of sportsmen's photos. You can see teen bodybuilders sport achievements and their progress. Look our history... We exist already more than 8 years. If you would like to take take at our competition - you can contact with us.

Are you sponsor? Would you like to support our competition or young sportmen? Are you looking a good web site for sport supplements promotion? Contact with us - he will assist you. You can donate here.

In addition presents Russian bodybuilders from Siberian Omsk city with opportunity to show off their talent. Most competitors featured here live in Omsk. We are proud to show the world development of our young sportsman in Omsk and we hope, that one day one of our competitors will become Mister Olympia! With your help this may become reality.

Choose year of competition and look at strong guys and read their biographies.


Greeting, new updates are coming very soon, some of them will be put here, other one only via email list for next month.

Some examples from september 2007 update:

mr.Buslenko - real huge guy, he is going to take part at competition soon, we wish good luck to him!

teen bodybuilders buslenko



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Recent videos updates:

Algash Misha 16 yo young bodybuilder

[!!! - NEW - !!!]
Gleb Radchenko - Dec 2004 video
Price: $35
(December 2004)

Total length is 12 minutes; Sound presents.

It's first sport flexing video of the Gleb here at our videos section. At this video Gleb shows very good muscles with small tan, and he has his best shape and sport form at this video because he is posing 1 day before Vovenko competition where he won!

Demo samples:
1) Demo#1
2) Demo#2
3) Demo#3
4) Demo#4

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Algash Misha 16 yo young bodybuilder

Algash Misha CD#2
Price: $35
(December 2004)

Total length is 15 minutes; Sound presents.

Muscle Flexing Video sport video. Misha with help of the sponsor and TSA achievemed amazing results, especially with his huge 43cm biceps!

Sample Demos: algash-demo-dec04-1 , algash-demo-dec04-2 , algash-demo-dec04-3, algash-demo-dec04-4

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Click here to view more details about Denis Dec 2003 videoDenis Kropotov CD#2
(December 2003)
Price: $ 35

Total length is 25 minutes

Sample movies: Denis-dec2003_demo1, Denis-dec2003_demo2


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